Understanding Senior Care: The Senior Boom

Printable Fact Sheet: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota

The United States is experiencing the largest population of seniors in its history, as the number of Americans 65 or older has increased 33% over the past decade.

In Minnesota, more than one million residents will be 65 or older within a few years, which means the demand for senior care will be growing for many years to come.

Providing quality care, housing and support services for seniors is a Minnesota value. It requires strong partnerships among families, communities, professional caregivers and the state of Minnesota.

And Minnesotans agree – we are all in this together.

Nine out of 10 Minnesotans believe that seniors have a right to receive care and basic housing, and 86% agree that the state should help fund support services for seniors who cannot afford to pay, according to a statewide survey.*

As Minnesota and the nation takes on the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, we must work together to address the needs of our seniors. Learn more about the growing challenges and solutions of senior care on page 1: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota

* Survey of a random sample of 800 adult residents in Minnesota commissioned by the Long-Term Care Imperative and conducted by Morris Leatherman Co. of Minneapolis on June 13-25, 2018. The total sample surveyed accurately represents the demographics of Minnesota’s adult population.

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