Understanding Senior Care: What You Need to Know

Printable Fact Sheet: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota

Caring for our older loved ones is more than a responsibility – it’s a Minnesota value.

SIXTY THOUSAND Minnesotans turn 65 this year, next year and every year through 2030. Soon, 25% of our adult population will be 65 or older. We must prepare so that today’s and tomorrow’s seniors have the support they need to live well.

In order to be prepared, it’s critical that families, communities and lawmakers understand how senior care works in Minnesota. Realities such as the rising demand for services and the chronic shortage of professional caregivers must be a part of the conversation and the solutions we create together.

We hope you will explore our comprehensive fact sheet along with our short summaries of each topic:

It’s going to take all of us — family members, neighbors, legislators and friends — to ensure a high quality of life for Minnesota’s growing senior population. It starts with being informed, so please share!



Printable Fact Sheet: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota

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