01 Lend a Hand When You Can

If you know someone in a nursing home or other care facility, make time to visit. Call and see if there is something you can pick up on the way over that would help. You can also clear an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk of snow or rake leaves in the fall.

Volunteer Opportunities

02 Share Your Time

If you’re looking to do more than the occasional errand, consider volunteering with local seniors. You could deliver meals or groceries, or bring seniors to medical appointments. You could also lead an activity at the local nursing home or volunteer on a local committee that focuses on senior issues.

Volunteer Opportunities

03 Speak up for Seniors

Weigh in on efforts to help seniors in your city or county. Express your gratitude to caregivers for the honorable and incredibly important work they do every day. Send a letter to the local paper with your heartfelt message. Find out where your lawmaker stood on senior care reform in 2015 and give thanks to those behind the reform.

04 Start a Conversation

Ask your religious congregation to discuss how you can better serve older members, and engage older members in the life of your house of worship. Seniors have a lot to share. If you belong to a community group, suggest the topic of how changing demographics will change your community with the help of our Conversation Starters.

05 Tell Your Story

Become a Senior Author for Face Aging MN. Or write for a local community newspaper or organization newsletter.

If you serve seniors in other ways, please let us know. We want to hear how you are making a difference.

Become a Senior Author

06 Stay Informed

Stay informed. Subscribe to our newsfeed and stay connected to the latest information about the state of aging in Minnesota.