Ok, but why does that matter to me?

The impending shift in demographics in Minnesota and the U.S. is not a surprise — as a society, we have seen this coming for some 60 years. However, we are now on the threshold of a fundamentally different age mix of our citizens. It’s time for us to support seniors, just as they’ve supported us.

Seniors are a vital influence in communities that embrace them. They volunteer, they shop local and they’ve taken care of us. It’s our turn to repay the favor. Most seniors will need some level of support, whether that’s help getting to the grocery store, home healthcare or more intensive care in a place they can call home.

It’s going to take all of us — family members, neighbors, legislators and friends — to ensure a high quality of life for Minnesota’s growing senior population. From how we view aging to how we care for the aged, from the level of care we deliver as a society to the way we fund it, this campaign is a catalyst for change.

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