What is Face Aging MN?

Face Aging MN is a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the issues that accompany the reality of a rapidly aging society.

Our goal is to create a conversation about aging that engages families, community leaders, caregivers and legislators; a conversation that ultimately leads to a shift in society’s view of aging from a burden that we manage to a responsibility that we embrace.

We have the ability — and the responsibility — to work together as Minnesotans to address the needs of our rapidly aging society. Face Aging MN is Minnesota’s voice to raise awareness and embrace this change.

Who is sponsoring the Face Aging MN campaign?

The Face Aging MN campaign was launched in 2015 by the Long-Term Care Imperative, which is made up of members of Minnesota’s two long-term care provider associations: Care Providers of Minnesota and LeadingAge Minnesota.

Why is this campaign needed now?

In a word, awareness.

The impending shift in demographics in Minnesota and the U.S. is not a surprise — as a society, we have seen this shift coming for some 60 years. However, we are now on the threshold of a fundamentally different age mix of our citizens. This shift is not only going to impact our economy and communities, it will touch the lives of virtually every person in our state.

From how we view aging to how we care for the aged, from the level of care we deliver as a society to the way we fund it, this campaign is a catalyst for change. It’s going to take all of us – family members, neighbors, legislators and friends – to ensure a high quality of life for Minnesota’s growing senior population.

Why does this campaign matter for Minnesotans?

How we care for our oldest citizens has always been part of our identity as Minnesotans. However, we have never before faced a time where there will be more seniors than students. How we respond as a state to our rapidly aging population will in no small part define who we are as a society and what we deem to be important.

Every state in America will be dealing with the issues arising from an aging population. We have the ability to work together as Minnesotans to take the lead on what is rapidly becoming a fundamental societal challenge.

And if somehow, how we take care of our seniors is not enough to get people to engage, consider:

One day, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to be old.

Where can I go for more information?

In addition to signing up for our newsfeed, questions can be directed to: info@faceagingmn.org.