HEAR’S what you could be missing

“Eh, what did you say?” “Would you mind repeating that?” “I didn’t catch the last of your comment.” Sound familiar? Oh yes, for far too many of us! I started to lose my hearing when I was in my fifties. It was hereditary loss, an unappreciated gift from my mother. I was working as a…

Gone, but not forgotten

Have you watched your circle of friends grow smaller as the years go by? Does your world seem to be shrinking? The older we get, the more of our friends and loved ones leave us. It gets even tougher during the holidays when we gather in familiar groups which have met for years, and some…

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The holidays are such a lovely season. I want to spread the joy with a fun, little poem I wrote about Christmas and a few holiday stories from my past. I hope you enjoy! Recipe for a Good Christmas Breakfast Take: An early morning in December crowded with things to remember – Happy voices and…

Minnesota Woman Turns 108

At 108 years old, Minnesota centenarian Catherine Ullrich has cast her vote in 23 presidential elections. Read the full story here: http://www.republican-eagle.com/life/family/4137108-ullrich-celebrates-108th-birthday-sunday

Couple wears color coordinated outfits for all 52 years of their marriage

“My grandparents have been married for 52 years and they match outfits every day,” the couple’s grandson posted along with photos in a viral tweet. Read the full story here: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2016/08/31/Grandparents-wear-matching-outfits-every-day-for-52-years/2241472667064/